Sure I'll bite :P

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Sure I'll bite :P

Postby Flashheart » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:42 pm

Well I haven't been around much lately as I'm super busy.. but I haven't stopped guitar and I'm pretty happy where I'm at these days.. I rearranged my room yesterday and thought it might be cool to show what it looks like now :P I'll give a run down on what's being used too..

First thing you'll notice is a massive drum kit in the way :P I bought it a few weeks ago for some retail therapy.. It's fun :)

You can see my pedal board on the floor too. My MXR has been banished to my cupboard and at the start of the chain is

TS808 > Crybaby (which never gets used) :?

Then to my amp.. Laney Lionheart which I picked up uber cheap and I'm really happy with.. Still gotta sell my ENGL but I've been lazy so it's sitting in another room being neglected.. Anyway my effects loops

T-rex replica delay > T-rex tonebug reverb (this one is set with a really long tail for cool string like harmonies, I prefer the amp reverb for more general reverb) > T-rex twister chorus/flanger (mostly using the flanger)

I converted the FX-loop on the laney to serial myself which was a lot of fun too! I love tinkering with things! You'll notice the ENGL cabinet is still in use :P I'm so used to a 4x12 that I have to keep it.. Plus I'm still thinking of getting a bogner xtc or something down the track..

The last thing of note is the guitar.. my ESP VP.. Only one I use and I'm gonna sell off my other gear eventually.. To fund a motorbike :D

Anyway I'm just feeling really happy with how my room is at the moment so I thought I'd share.. last thing I need is a really good 2.1 stereo system.. that I can run from my laptop (they don't seem to exist) so I think I'm gonna have to fork out for a relatively expensive system but meh :) I'm young and stupid so why not?

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Re: Sure I'll bite :P

Postby guitarsatbmusic » Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:15 pm

Looking good man, Lionhearts sure are a load of tonal fun. And the VP looks like new still! Kudos
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Re: Sure I'll bite :P

Postby manta » Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:44 pm

Sweet. Love the black VP
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Re: Sure I'll bite :P

Postby headradio1001 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:29 am

nice rig man! that esp vp is absolutely beautiful :D

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