my new rig

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my new rig

Postby thedoctor2156 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:14 am

been after something to replace the fireball 60 for a while. wanted something with a few more features and i certainly got it with this. engl e 570 pre amp and engl e840/50 power amp with z-12 footswitch through a framus 2x12 with v30s. not only has it got the features but the sound is amazing so clear and defined compared to the fireball. i think i have a keeper :D

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Re: my new rig

Postby trapped » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:13 pm

Very nice! Was this the one on ebay? Twas very tempting at the time! :D
What range of tones do you think this will produce? Interested to hear from an actual 570 owner

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Re: my new rig

Postby thedoctor2156 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:38 pm

hi mate really sorry i havent replyed sooner. no its not the one on ebay i pieced it together from a few places. the preamp i got from a guy in aus but the power amp i got from thommans in germany. being 230v dont need a step down transformer and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying in aus. i owned a fireball 60 before this and basically wanted something with a dedicated clean channel and also a lead channel. the fireball was really limited. i love the clean channel especially with some reverb. the rythem channel is the reason i got this and lives up to everything i read. im a metal player and mainly play in D standard through a framus 2x12 with v 30s alos use a esp m11 custom. so clear and defined not muddy at all for single note riffs and power chords really hit you in the chest when cranked, even with 50watts driving it. its got a huge amount of chunk as well for palm muting. best thing about it is it sounds just as good at lower volumes as it does at high volumes. i liked the sound of my fireball but when comparing it to this you really notice clarity difference, the sound just isnt as saturated while being just as brutal. the lead channel is good to same as the rythem but not as tight. like i say im a metal player and i find some of the options on it i could live without eg the modern/vintage switch i really dont like the vintage sound i get but that could be because the modern is so good and thats what i play for the most part. also the crunch channel i dont use so cant comment. it sounds like an engl sound but i like it that why ive stuck with them. i definetly wont be changing anytime soon i love it that much. any more questions let me know ill try and answer them cheers.

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