Nickosaurus' rig of sonic joy!

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My Rig: MiM Tele w/ Duncan Jazz/GFS Lil' Puncher
SG w/ Iron Gear Steamhammer
Orange Jim Root Terror
Orange PCB1x12
Vox Big Bad Wah
Digitech Bad Monkey
TC Ditto Looper

Nickosaurus' rig of sonic joy!

Postby Nickosaurus » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:35 am


Hey lads,

This is my current setup:

Orange Jim Root Terror (aka rockerverb on the cheap :lol: )
Orange PCB112
MiM Tele w/ Seymour Duncan Jazz and a GFS Lil' Puncher XL. Also has parallel/split/series wiring
Epi SG w/ Iron Gear Steamhammer in bridge and a whole heap of wiring mods too
El cheapo Yamaha bass for recording (borrowed)
El cheapo Yamaha acoustic that my sister got to learn on but gave up shortly after :lol:
TC Ditto looper
Digitech Bad Monkey
Vox Big Bad Wah
Home made pedal board ;)

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