Not Sure Where To Post This...

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Not Sure Where To Post This...

Postby mc2 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:02 am

...a friend of mine in the USA emailed me asking info on an older ('80s?) high-end bass made by ESP with optical pickup and rack interface.

Does anyone have ANY info on this?

Below is his email and info on the bass:

Have you ever heard of a predecessor to the "Lightwave" optical pickup line of basses that was marketed under the name of "QED"? I have one (not in my hands, I've currently got it consigned at a another shop locally--i.e. it's too weird for my guitarist's store). The bass, although labelled on the front as a QED, also has a impressed stamp on the back of the headstock indicating that the bass itself was made by ESP. This one looks just like a seventies era fretless Fender P-bass, except instead of a magnetic pickup, there are 4 leds poking through the pickguard close to the bridge. Instead of being charged internally like the current Lightwave line, the bass connects via a thick multipin dedicated cable to a single rackspace control unit. The control unit has a switchable multiband rotary eq (switchable from either the bass or the rack unit). Also, each string has its own volume control on the rackmount unit (a master volume & a separate master passive tone on the pickguard as well). Each string can be routed to a separate amp or channel of a mixer, so you could further manipulate your tone, etc. My best guess is that this was a mid to late '80s production. (I also forget the manufacturer name on the back of the rack unit--other than the fact that the rack unit was made in the USA). I tried to look this up previously online under QED, ESP, the manufacturer listed on the rack mounted unit, Lightwave, etc. etc. etc. [but hit a dead end.]

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